Novik Pack Minecraft Resource pack

Novik Pack Minecraft resouce pack

Novik Pack Minecraft resource pack is one of the best Minecraft texture packs out there. Novik Pack resource pack is mainly focused for the builders who like medieval and fantasy style builds. This resource pack add texture and model changes while keeping the feeling of vanilla experience completely. That’s the main reasone for Novik Pack to become one of the best texture packs for Minecraft ever made.

Novik Pack Minecraft resource pack is a fully finished texture pack so this will cover all of the Minecraft textures. Not like most of other texture packs, Novik Pack is still in development so there will be more updates as the Minecraft it self update in the future.

This texture pack add so many connected textures to the Minecraft like connected grass texture and connected gravel texture. Also Novik Pack include several types of glass textures and they are absolutely the best. But you need to use Optifine for them to work properly. Novik Pack adds grass tweaks , taller wheat crops , bushy leaves and most importantly environment changes depending on the biome you are in and many more.

Novik Pack is a 16px by 16px resource pack. Because of that this resource pack will be able to run in any computer or a laptop without any issue. I can say there is nothing to worry about FPS or Minecraft game performance because this is a well optimized resource pack.

You can download Novik Pack resource pack up to Minecraft version 1.19. But you can also use this resource pack for Minecraft versions even older than that. This resource pack is also capable to run along side with other resource packs and also Minecraft mods. Novik Pack requiring Optifine because Novik Pack got so much custom 3D models and also connected textures.

supported versions1.16,1.17,1.18,1.19

Novik Pack Minecraft Resource pack’s screenshots.

Novik Pack Minecraft resouce pack

How to Install Novik Pack Minecraft Resource pack.

  • Download the resource pack form the links down below.
  • Start Your Minecraft launcher and go to the options.
  • then click on “resource packs”.
  • Now click on “open resource packs folder”.
  • After that , Drag the downloads texture pack in to the folder.
  • If you did that, the resource pack should appear in the resource packs list in game.
  • So simply click on the pack you want to select and you should good to go.

Download Links.

Novik Pack Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19] (curseforge)
Novik Pack Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19] (planetminecraft)
Novik Pack Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19]


max_novik on planetminecraft
max_novik on curseforge

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