Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack


Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack is a one of the most well-known texture packs among the Minecraft community. The main reason for that is the uniqueness of this amazing texture pack. Faithful textures managed to keep the Minecraft default look completely but they enhance it. Not only by increasing the resolution but also with adding small but essential details to the textures.

There are so many versions of Faithful texture packs out there to choose from. But every Faithful texture pack deferent from each other. For example some of then just increasing the texture resolution. For example Faithful texture packs starts from 32px by 32px resolution. But there are Faithful texture packs up to 2048px by 2048px. So there are something for everyone.

Most importantly this particular Faithful texture packs goes bit farther than just the resolution. This version of Faithful texture pack added the Depth and the glossiness to the Blocks by adding  PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and POM (Parallax occlusion mapping). The end result is absolutely mind blowing. This texture pack is like going above and beyond. Because Faithful texture packs were at there best but now they gone even better.

Just like the normal Faithful texture packs this PBR/POM supported version of Faithful texture packs also got so many different resolutions to choose from. Faithful PBR texture pack starts with 32px by 32px resolution and then as usual and they goes up to 2048px by 2048px resolution.

When talking about the pc requirement for Faithful PBR texture pack If you use low resolution texture pack like 32px by 32px or even up to 128px by 128px texture pack there will not be any concern to use them in any computer or on any laptop thanks to the great optimization of the creator But if you willing to use texture resolution up to that you must have a dedicated graphics card with at least 4 core CPU along with 16 GB of ram. Other vise you will not able to run the higher versions of Faithful PBR textures.

Faithful PBR textures is always up-to-date texture pack and Faithful is one of the oldest texture packs ever released for Minecraft community. So you will not only be able to download the latest 1.19 versions of this texture pack, you can also download this texture pack for even older versions of Minecraft. Even if Normal Faithful texture packs doesn’t require Optifine The Faithful PBR textures do require Optifine for work. So make sure you you use Optifine when you use Faithful PBR textures. You can download Faithful PBR textures from the download section down below.

supported versions1.16,1.17,1.18,1.19

Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack’s screenshots.

Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack download

How to Install Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack

  • Download the resource pack form the links down below.
  • Start Your Minecraft launcher and go to the options.
  • then click on “resource packs”.
  • Now click on “open resource packs folder”.
  • After that , Drag the downloads texture pack in to the folder.
  • If you did that, the resource pack should appear in the resource packs list in game.
  • So simply click on the pack you want to select and you should good to go.

Download Links

Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19] (curseforge)
Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19] (planetminecraft)
Faithful PBR 1024x Minecraft texture pack Download [1.19] (patreon)